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Appriver Add-in  v.1.0.5

Appriver spam filtering users now have an easy and effective tool for reporting spam and other internet pollution to Appriver through Outlook. Cylosoft's Appriver Add-in for Outlook, a great feature for current Appriver users, includes an accessible

ChemicalFormulas Add-In for Excel  v.1.1

This Excel Add-In enables working with chemical formulas, like contracting them and calculating their molar masses. Dieses Excel Add-In erlaubt das Arbeiten mit chemischen Formeln, wie das Zusammenfassen zu Summenformeln und Berechnen von molaren

ArrayDebugView-Add-In  v.1.42

The ArrayDebugView-Add-In extends Visual Studio and adds graphical view capabilities to the debugger. You can plot the data from any array by specifying a pointer expression and a length. Features: Zoom-function, a cursor, saving to a

CvsIn - CVS Developer Studio Add-in  v.

CvsIn is integrating with IDE in a different way than other tools. It is a DevStudio Add-in. CvsIn's development strategy is to have the maximum gain with the minimum effort and to have the working and operational tool

Excel Recovery Add-In  v.1.0

Microsoft recommends several methods for recovering from Excel corruption. This Excel add-in brings into one toolbar these methods while adding four data recovery methods of its own. For MS methods for recovering from Excel file corruption, see:

Memba Velodoc Outlook Add-In  v.

Memba Velodoc Outlook Add-in lets users send large files from within Microsoft Outlook 2003 or above using various server platforms including Velodoc XP Edition, Velodoc Enterprise Edition, BITS servers, FTP servers, UNC file shares and Amazon

PPT-Pixy (Powerpoint add-in)  v.110

The PPT-Pixy is an add-in for MS Powerpoint that aims at alleviating some of its shortcomings. Cumbersome tasks that usually have to be dealt with manually are

STAMP: Subtitling Add-In for PowerPoint  v.1.0

The Subtitling Add-In for Microsoft PowerPoint (STAMP) helps Microsoft PowerPoint 2010 users add closed captions to the video and audio files included in their presentations, which boosts their impact for those with hearing

TortoiseSVN Add-In for Delphi  v.1.6

A TortoiseSVN Add-In for Delphi based on the Delphi Add-In for TortoiseSVN at

VersionOne Visual Studio Add-In  v.

The VersionOne Visual Studio 2003/2005 add-in allows developers to update V1 task details from within the Visual Studio IDE. This project also provides a good reference implementation illustrating the use of the VersionOne

Vim Add-In for Microsoft Outlook  v.0.5

cubiclevim is a COM Add-In to allow editing Microsoft Outlook messages (and some other objects) in an instance of Vim. Written in Visual Basic and using the Win32 OLE version of Vim, this is aimed at UNIX users stuck working in

OpenXML-UOF Converter Add-in for Office  v.1.0

The goal for OOX-UOF Converter is to provide an Add-in to Microsoft Word 2007 to allow opening and saving files in Uniform Office document Format(UOF). UOF is a standard established by CESI (China Electronic Standardization Institute).

DocProvider and Helper Add-In  v.1.0

A new OLE DB Provider based on the OSP Simple Provider to support database and source code projects documentation. Now we add a new helper VB6 add-in with some interesting functions.

StockKings Excel Add-in  v.1.0

This is a collection of Microsoft Excel Add-in functions. It will use VBA (and other programming languages as needed) to address shortcomings and extend the functionality of Excel to make it a better platform for stock market investors.

Outlook Contact Add-In  v.1.0

A Microsoft Outlook COM Add-In that provides vCard export and MailMerge functional for contacts.

Visual Basic Class Builder Add-In  v.1

This add-in is designed to ease encapsulation of recordset objects into VB Classes.Instead of typing a carpel-tunnel inducing set of Property Let/Get's, this addin will take a recordset and generate all that nonsense for you.

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